UI suggestion/wish


I would like to propose few changes to Fabman back end UI:

  1. Save button (user Edit page)
    Could be one also on top of the page? When I change one thing at the top of the page, I have to scroll all the way down to click on it.

  2. Notes
    Can be notes moved or copied (in best situation option managed by administrator) to right side of the main user page under Key and User? I often look on notes and if those can be still on main page, that would save me a lot of clicking.

Thanks for reply.


Hi Miroslav,

thank you for the feedback.

Edit pages: We’re currently thinking about how to improve very long forms like the member form and the equipment form. I don’t know yet what the solution will look like, but we want to do better.

Notes: They are deliberately not shown on the member’s main page. The notes sometimes contain information (eg. special treatment information, past incidents, or “doesn’t pay reliably. require upfront payment”) that lab managers might not want that member (or other members) to see if they are looking over the manager’s shoulder.

But tell me more about your notes. What information do you put there that you often need to look at? Under which circumstances?

Best regards,


Edit pages: Ok, I´m looking forward to your solution :wink: .

Notes: I understand that, but we don´t have these types of information there. We are using notes for storing card number (we have second access system for bulding) and just from now, we are making notes about cabinets (for storing material) which we started to offer to our members. We have also information about how many moths they paid so far for them, and that´s the information which I would love to see without clicking on notes tab.

I guess, there is nothing like package without equipment? :stuck_out_tongue: That would be the best thing, but I understand that this would not be used by big group of admins. :wink:



Of course you can create packages without equipment. This is used by some labs to manage locker rents or seat/table rents. And you can add notes to each member’s package to keep track of their locker number or details about their rent:

And if you configure prices for these packages, Fabman will automatically charge your members when their locker rent is due. (I know your lab doesn’t use Fabman for billing, but that’s how others do it.)

I feel really stupid just know :roll_eyes:, but I really did not see that magical word : Remove in permission side of the package page :stuck_out_tongue: . Ok, I´m smarter now :slight_smile: . We are not using your billing feature, but we will very soon have e-shop and maybe we could set up monthly fee and work with it through API keys :slight_smile: .

Anyway, thank you very much, my work with Fabman.io will be just a bit more smoother from now.

P.S. I did not find any tutorial for packages, so maybe this would be good in support area for new users of Fabman :wink:

Hi Miroslav,

your feedback is very valuable. You’re not the first to have problems with configuring packages, so that’s definitely an area we need improve.