Trainings search in API

We’ve been deep into setting up the Classmarker to FabMan integration for our project, aiming to have users pass a test and then automatically get assigned a training session in FabMan.

Right now, there’s no way to search through trainings directly in FabMan, which is a bit of a headache. To work around it, we’re using a scripts to manually sift through the training sessions. Not ideal, since it’s tacking on an about extra 10 seconds per user interaction with our solution.

I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be possible to search trainings in FabMan? And also, if the API allowed us to search trainings with a string query, that would be a game changer. It’d make our integration much smoother and faster.

Hey Jan,

what do you mean by “search through trainings”? Do you mean “to filter members by completed trainings” or “to filter the list of training courses” or something else?

Hi Raphael,

I mean “to filter the list of training courses” the same way we can search members.

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My colleague, who is more involved with development, formulated it in a better way. Hope it helps.

Would it be possible to filter trainings based on metadata? For example, a training has a dictionary in its metadata {“online”: true, “only_admin”: true}. Could we directly filter trainings in Fabman based on these values, for example, using a “query” like on the API /members?

@janwithbeard fyi

Hi, I just wanted to check if my colleagues description was more clear and descriptive of what we would like to achive?

Hey, sorry for the lack of response. I got knocked out pretty hard for more than two weeks by a series of infects and am still recovering…

I can definitely imagine adding filters to the list of training courses! That totally makes sense. But I don’t think we would add a generic query language to the UI in the near term.

Hey @Jan_Vejtasa The update we just released adds search & filtering to the list training courses. I hope that helps you sift through your list of courses.

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Thank you for adding it, Raphael!

The only thing missing is being also able to filter through metadata (the JSON field) of trainings.

We probably will not offer JSON queries in the app anytime soon (because of its complexity for end-users), but what might work for you is putting the relevant keywords (like “admin_only”, “online”, “offline”) into the training course’s notes field – which is included in the search.

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