SSO authentication for login to FabMan

Hello everyone, we are not yet using FabMan but we are going to obtain and use it shortly. As we are going to use it for University students (and employees), I was wondering if there is a way how to connect our university system with FabMan. First thought was to use SSO authentication to log into FabMan system. Second one is to (somehow) use at least basic info (name, email, ID) of the student from our University system and automatically create user account in FabMan system with this info.
Have you dealt with something similar already and what are the options?


Hey Tomas,

unfortunately we don’t offer a SSO solution yet. What kind of SSO are you using at your university?

Yes, that’s what many people are doing. You can use the Fabman API, specifically POST /members, to automatically create members (and PUT /members/{id} to keep them up-to-date).

Hey Raphael,
thank you for youre replies.

  1. It would be nice to have this option in the future. Our university is probably using Shibboleth SSO, but it would be a question to our IT network specialists.
  2. Ok, this solutions also seems feasible for us if we are able to obtain the basic information from university system user accounts.
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