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Hi guys,

Looking at Fabman as our member/machine access solution for a space we are about to open here in cold Canada. Our current website is set up with squarespace and I wondered if there were any example websites using squarespace/fabman for us to look at? I’m not too savvy with website building but people on our board are, so if it’s a little technical it would still be workable.

Thank you

Hi @whodis,

welcome to the forum! Greetings from (currently also quite cold, but not Canada-Cold™) Austria.

I’ve probably heard Squarespace’s podcast ads hundreds of times, but I haven’t used them yet.
As far as I know, Squarespace lets you add only client-side code (i.e. stuff that runs in the visitor’s browser), but there’s no way to add any server-side code and therefore no way to store any secrets like API keys. This severely limits your integration options with Fabman – since almost everything currently requires authentication. :confused:

What would you like to achieve with Squarespace and Fabman? What kind of functionality on your website were you thinking of?

Hallo Raphael,

This is very quickly getting out of my areas of expertise (I’m a machine nerd not a code nerd haha). Our current website is built with square space, just so we could get something up and running quickly while our facility is being built.

As we approach opening, we were looking with great interest at Fabman as it looks like a great solution to streamlining operations (and also the only solution I could find!) However, as we develop our site we were not sure if we could keep using square space and integrate Fabman, or start again with something like Wordpress for better integration.

I’ll try and get my smarter colleagues to join in this conversation!

I’m working on the same thing for our lab. My current solution is having a button in our membership area that brings the users to Fabman where they can use their membership services. I have a very basic stand-in for our website up for testing purposes:


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