Self registration

Hi. We’re evaluating the software and don’t currently see one key (for us) feature: Self Registration. We would like potential members to be able to go to a web site and sign themselves up for membership and enter their payment info there. There are currently only two of us running the makerspace so anything we can do to minimize manual overhead is important to us.

I figure it could be done via the API if necessary but I thought I’d see if it already existed somewhere and I just missed it.


Hi @Terri,

you are right that this can be done via the API. Unfortunately there’s currently no pre-built form for self-registration. The reason is that the requirements for self-registration vary a lot and every space seems to need different things:

  • What fields do they have to enter?
  • What kinds of validation do you need for the entered data?
  • Do they have to enter payment details?
  • Do they have to pick a package?
  • What packages are they allowed to pick?
  • Are some of these packages mutually exclusive or depend on other packages, i.e., are addons?

But we hear the need for self-registration quite frequently, so we want to provide a pre-built solution in the future.

Sorry, forgot to respond.
Fields to enter: Name, email, password, credit card info, package selected
Validation: Good question. Not sure what those fields would need
Payment details: Yes
Package selected: Yes, they’ll need to pick from a list
What packages: We would need to be able to have them pick from a subset of all the packages we have as we have a couple just for administrative use. All are mutually exclusive so they only pick one. No add-ons.

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