Q: Offline mode for machine


I would like to ask, if you have in FW of FM bridges somehow implemented sending information about usage when FM bridge was offline or went offline in the middle of the session? I´m asking because I want to implement this for our printer implementation of FM and we sometimes use them in remote places without WiFi, so they can be accessed via admin keys, but for now without information about usage of it.

I have in mind something like: check if server is available & if not, write information about usage to the local memory, but I did not come up yet, with mechanism how can I send information about start time, time duration and stop time of the session.

Many thanks for reply.

Hi @mzuzelka,

I assume you already know how to identify admins while offline, right? If you start a session online and finish it offline, you can send the details using the previousSession parameters in your next /heartbeat or /access message.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to log details for session that were started by admins while offline. But it’s something we should consider. I’ll put it on the list for future updates…