Q: More ID (cards) for one member


we are planning to use Fabman service in our building for conference rooms management and I was asked that, if FM can store more that 1 ID of the card, or ID of the NFC in the phone, in user profile?

I just now realize that we could use for this metadata of the user, but this would require different approach with assigning ID of the card/NFC ID, but we have to customize more our firmware to accomplish that.

We hope that more Fab Labs could benefit from this feature.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Hi @mzuzelka

NFC modules in phones usually work quite differently than common NFC cards. Unless they emulate a “normal” card, we can’t support them at the moment. But if you have a phone, you can of course use it to turn on equipment directly with your phone.

Since you know about this feature, I assume that it’s not possible in your case. Could you describe why you need multiple keys per member?

Hi @raphael

to be honest, I did not look after differences in NFC, but I just looked at it online and now know that phone do not act in same way as NFC card.

Major need was just usage of phones instead of ID cards. This is probably solved with this information.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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