Q: Microsoft Exchange integration


is there any Microsoft Exchange integration you know about? We would like to make our exchange server talk to Fabman API and we are wondering if somebody else did make anything like that.

Thanks for reply. :slight_smile:

Hi @mzuzelka,

I’m not aware of anyone who’s connected Fabman to Microsoft Exchange. During Maker Faire Vienna 2019 one person mentioned wanting to connect Fabman to their Active Directory. But I don’t know whether they’ve already attempted anything in that direction.

Why do you want to connect it to Exchange? What kind of data do you want to pass between Exchange and Fabman?

Hi @raphael

we will maybe use Fabman to manage access to our meeting rooms which are now managed by shared calendar (somebody just make appointment with some meeting room to make booking) and we would like to keep this sort of functionality for our colleges. For other people we will use booking through our e-shop.

I want just ask if somebody did something in this field to save some time in development. I think we will pass this to some company to make some sort of SW bridge between AD and FM, but I don´t think it will be open source.

I will let you know, if we will make some progress in this.

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Hi @mzuzelka
I was wondering if you found a solution to connect AD and FM?
My University (and probably many others) is planning to build up a Makerspace for its students and we use Microsoft Exchange for user identification around here, so it would be great to link those systems.

Thanks a lot!


sorry, but I did not. The project was scrapped and I did not have a chance to do more research in this area.