Q: Custom fields in user interface


we would like to change are lockers to electromagnetic locks and with this change, we would like to insert somehow number of the locker to the user profile page. This would serve for us, so we can after that parse this information to open the locker (user swipe card -> device will ask server -> get locker number from API -> open locker) and also we can implement calendar for payment subscription with our eshop, so we do not have to solve this by hand and One Note like we do now.

I know, and I spoke about this today with @karim, that we can use users metadata for this, but this way is not really user friendly for our Core team which is also managing locker as we have some which are free for some students associations.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Hi @mzuzelka,

sorry for the late reply. We’ve already talked custom member fields internally multiple times in the past year. We know that they could be very useful and we want to offer custom member fields eventually. But there are so many things we want to add to Fabman that I can’t tell you when we might start working on it.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a more satisfying answer at the moment.

Hi @raphael,

I know you have a lot at your shoulders and I saw your notebook with all your notes what can be changed in Fabman so I understand that. :slight_smile:

In this case, we will use Metadata field for user in administration until you will implement custom fields.


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