"Prevent power-off while the equipment is busy" feature enhancement


I would like to propose enhancement for meantioned feature.

We recently purchased this vacuum forming tool from Maiku and we would like to hook up bridge to it, but there is small drawback. If we you is it with bridge without “prevent power-off” feauture, machine will be switched off when memeber finish their work, but this is unwanted as machine needs to cool down via internal fan. At the other hand if we turn-on this feature, machine will be able to coold down but we can not prevent that somebody else (without training) will not use until it cool down.

Would be possible to add checkbox which (in case is checked) will allow member to sing-off when “red” button is presed but will still supply current to machine to cool down and when current will be less than value in settings it will turn of power completely.

Many thanks for reply.

That’s an interesting idea!

I assume you tried using “Turn off as soon as the equipment switches from busy to idle” together with a busy-idle detection? Is the cooldown phase not clearly detectable?

No I did not, but I do not think that this will help to solve our problem.

Bridge can detect when machine is cooled down, but cooling period is about 10 - 15 minutes. Problem for us is the time when machine is cooling down and member can not sign off as bridge will not allow it.

My scenario was like this:

Member will finish work and when will member press “stop button” this will trigger sign off, but bridge will suppy power to the device until is power consumption lower than limit in settings.

Yeah, I understand your problem. Maybe we should have a call this or next week to discuss the possibilities. Send me an email or DM so we can try to find a time slot.

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