Payment for members, use and membership

When will it be possible for members to edit their own payment and card info?

Hi Trygve,

now that the new hardware is ready and switching on via phone is live, we’re focussing on extending the member portal.

Next up is letting members see their invoices. Payment options are planned after that, but I can’t tell you an exact timeframe.

Thanks for the details Raphael. By payment options - you mean other payment methods? Visa, PayPal?

Visa is already possible (although not yet via the Member portal). We want to add more payment options, but I don’t have details for you yet. We’ll evaluate them once we start working on that feature set.

A way for members to manage their own payment credentials through the member portal is crucial for our decision to move completely to At the moment we have two systems, fabman for booking and another for handling membership. I wish fabman could do both.