Offline access?


I would like to ask if it is possible to use Fabman in case of wifi connection fail. Last week there was a network outage in our workspace and nobody couldn’t use any equipment connected to Fabman bridges. Is there any chance to save ID’s of RFID cards to local memory of bridge?



Hi Aleks,

IDs of all admins (see member’s roles) are stored locally on all fabman bridges. Therefore, all admins can switch on even during a network outage.
You can create an additional admin user. You then have a spare chip card for such cases.

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We had different issue with Internet connectivity which was not working properly sometimes so we switched most of the bridges to 3G/4G mobile router which is on UPS. If you have separate network for bridges (if not, I recommend this setup) then you can have this router as backup for main connectivity and bridges should switch to this router automatically.

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Hello Mzuselka, How do you switch from your regular internet when it is not working to the 3G/4G router ?
Thank you in advance



we use 3G/4G router as our main connecting point for our major devices (laser cutters, plotter) and rest of the devices are on normal WiFi. I think that we have about 4 GB monthly FUP and it is plenty enough for FM traffic.