Note field for bookings

would it be possible to add a note text field for bookings? This would greatly help us for using FabMan to take track of jobs done on the equipment, eg. use it as an electronic logbook.

Hey @tomask,

that sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about your situation and what problem you are trying to solve? Can you give me an example of what you would track and why you would track it in the notes of bookings versus, for example, the notes on the equipment or the notes on the activity log entry?

Hi @raphael ,
we would like to use FabMan also for several devices connected as basic equipment, where the advantage of FabMan is the ability to create bookings. In the notes field we would like to fill in a description of the activity for each reservation (e.g. the title of a thesis, a project within a teaching course, the title of a research project, etc.). This, from my understanding, cannot be realized by a note field within the activity log or in a note for the equipment, because the note will be unique for each booking.

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