New: Webhooks

You like Fabman but still use a few other tools to manage your lab? Luckily, we’ve recently made it much easier to connect Fabman to other apps and services: via webhooks.

A webhook consists of an URL and list of event types that you’re interested in. Whenever one of these events occurs — eg. someone adds a member or turns on a machine — Fabman will call your URL with details on the event.

Complemented by our extensive API, webhooks let you automate numerous tasks with just a bit of programming:

  • Keep data in sync accross multiple tools and apps (Forums, CRM, ERP, …)
  • Send members an email when their 3D print job is done, letting them know that they can finally pick up the result.
  • Create charges or apply discounts based on time of day, frequent-fabber miles and whatnot.

To get started, have a look at our webhook documentation on GitHub. You can add a webhook by signing in to Fabman and selecting „Integrations & API“ from the „Configure“ menu.

Have fun and let us know what clever ideas and integrations you come up with.