New member role and limited privileges

Hi there,

I have a story to share and a question regarding the member roles. We are currently facing a non-ideal situation – having 24 administrators set in the FabMan. That is due to the fact, that our lecturers and some CORE members of our team need to have a permission to add trainings and packages to our members manually or to disable/reenable the equipment.

Unfortunately, we have faced 2 cases recently when someone from the admins changed some settings in the FabMan Configure section and screwed our integrations to other systems. We would like to prevent this for the future and have the privileges set correctly.

Would it be able to define another member role, which would be limited as following or similarly:
– “Member” section and its editing
– “Bookings” section and its editing
– Being able to disable/enable the equipment

Thanks for consideration.

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Hey Jan!

We’ve occasionally heard similar requests and it’s on our list of things we want to address in the future.

Could you tell me some additional details? What did they change and what broke because of that? (Just so I get a better picture of what can go wrong.)

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Hi Raphael,

Ok, that would be great! Someone messed with the “Configure” section and specifically changed the “Opening Hours” and “Booking settings”. That has as a consequence broke our e-shop (API) integrations…

Or maybe the “Space settings section” and “Integrations section” could be only reachable by the Account Owner role? I guess admins change these settings only rarely.

Do you have an idea of a timeframe when this could be implemented?



Hey Jan,

thanks for the details.

I wouldn’t restrict admins since the main distinction between admins and owners is that the latter can change account billing and pricing details. But I do understand the need for a role that’s more restricted than admin if you have assistants on staff.

I can’t tell you a time frame, but it’s on The List™! :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you for the info. :slight_smile:


We at Texas Inventionworks (University of Texas at Austin) have the same issue. We have 50 student staff but cannot allow any of them to have admin access for the same reasons as given above by janwithbeard. I am in the process of creating a document that outlines what we would like to see as ‘manager’ level access. This document may be a good starting point of what would be needed in a facility such as ours (educational maker spaces and machine shop/would shop settings).