New bridge settings: mute alert, auto-shutdown, …

A little update before the holidays: Over the past week, we’ve rolled out several new settings for bridges.

Mute alert
Does exactly what it says on the tin: You can now choose between “bright & loud” and “only bright” :speak_no_evil::rotating_light:

Turn off after being busy
If you let Fabman detect whether your equipment is busy or idle, it can now turn off your equipment automatically as soon as it becomes idle after being used.
This setting is useful for start-and-forget equipment like 3D printers. But we’ve also used it connect coffee machines to Fabman and charge per coffee: Tick the box, set your coffee price as “fee per session” and you’re good to go!

New auxiliary relay option
The auxiliary relay can now be set to switch on whenever the machine is busy. This can be handy for letting exhaust filters, compressors, etc. know that it’s time to work.

:christmas_tree:Happy holidays and greetings from Vienna! :christmas_tree: