New APIs for 3rd-party bridges & activity log metadata


We’ve just released new ways for integrating equipment and tools with Fabman.

3rd-party bridge API

It’s already straightforward to connect any machine to Fabman using our bridges. But we’ve just added another way: A new API allows you to hook up equipment via anything that can send JSON via HTTPS – a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or even a small plugin for your favorite job control software.

Wanna hook up your coffee machine or integrate your existing door keycard system? Just add your equipment to Fabman, create a bridge API key, and start POSTing to the new endpoints.
With minimal work, you’ll get access to the benefits of a full Fabman integration:

  • a flexible permission system,
  • online machine status information,
  • enforced bookings,
  • automatic charges based on equipment usage,
  • and everything’s recorded in the activity log, so you know what’s happening in your lab.

To get started, have a look at the bridge API documentation.

Log metadata API

Speaking of the activity log, you can now extend every log entry with machine parameters, status information, details about the used material, or any other JSON data you need.

Some customers want to track the type and amount of filament used for each 3D print job together with print duration, progress, etc.. They could even use this data to automatically create charges based on material consumption instead of machine time.

Others plan to record laser cutter settings and material properties to investigate why lenses and exhaust filters sometimes fail more frequently than they should. And I’m sure the Fabman community will find lots of other uses for the new metadata API.

Fabman & Octoprint Integration
Real access card ID

We were curious about the features related to integrating door strikes, magnet locks etc.
Is there some particular hardware or system that work well with this feature?

We were hoping to install something instead of keypad locks, which have been asked of us for insurance reasons. While it would be interesting to develop our own, I was just wondering, is there a compatible product ye have come across?


Fabman Bridges can control most electric door locks, as long as they can be opened by closing a circuit. @karim can probably tell you what kind of locks Happylab uses.

One caveat: The bridges are not suitable for outdoor use, so you have to mount them behind glass or only use them in safe environments.


Hi :slight_smile:

You can integrate basically any electric lock to Fabman. In Happylab we have good experiences with electric cylinders (like EVVA Emzy) or handle controlled locks (like ASSA Abloy EL460) or magnetic locks for indoor usage.

In all cases the Fabman bridge just switches 12 or 24 Volts to open the door.



Thanks @Raphael and @karim - that’s really helpful.

We were only thinking of internal doors, but you’ve got us thinking!


I would like to ask, how can I put more things in metadata? I have record of information from 3D printer behind sessionID and I would like to know, how I can put more metadata records in session?

I have this metadata and I need to have them more times:

  "member": xxxx,
  "metadata": {"File name":"something.gcode","Filament used":7.35},
  "lockVersion": xx

@raphael I know that you write that down for me at MF Vienna, but I lost it somewhere.

Many thanks


@mzuzelka, no problem. You can simply include an array as part of the metadata field:

  "member": xxxx,
  "metadata": {
      files: [
          {"File name":"something.gcode","Filament used":7.35},
          {"File name":"something-else.gcode","Filament used":7.35}
  "lockVersion": xx


Thanks @raphael

P.S.: I know that you write that down straight away, but I had bit of problem with your code and took me some time to figure out that right syntax should be:

"files": [

Now it´s working flawlessly :slight_smile: