Needing a Web form for adding charges to fabman

Like the topic says. We are trying to create charges for members using a webform. in said webform we will have machines, materials and consumables that will then calculate the charge and apply is to the selected members account. a drop down to select the member and a small data base to store the machines or even a resource pull of the machines from the api, what ever is easier. ive been trying to figure most of this out but iv got it to access the members list with the url request but dont know enough about php or get/post requests to structure the Web form. if anyone is willing to help or direct me to something like this. iv also looked at using HappylabWien/raspi-fabman as the server on a RPI a that is called from submission of a form for it would work too.

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Hey @Overlord6920,

Happylab has been cooking up something fancy that’s very similar to what you’re talking about. Maybe @karim can tell you more about it soon.