Need api to get slot details of resources

Hi again,

I booked a machine in a particular time slot.

I want to get those details in an api.

Suppose if i book an resource say X, i need info of the resource like
2.Resource available or not at this instant,
3.if not
What is the slot details like start date and time and end time

which api i have to use…

with this

i am getting the resource name bt i am unable to get booked time slot details if it is not available…

please help me

You’re probably looking for the list of bookings for a particular resource:


… or all bookings for an account:


You can further restrict this list by date, time, state, etc.

See the interactive API page for a list of available filters.

Thanks for the response.

One more question

Will i get all the booking in the organisation with this api or will get only my specific bookings?

I need an api to get all the resources in the organisation and all the resources booking slotss in the organisation


What do you mean with “my specific bookings”? If you perform this query as an admin, then you’ll get all bookings for the given account or resource.