Member landing page?

As an addition to the post here: Customised email invites?
A landing page would be helpful, and might be easier to implement.

From our How-to page, for instance, we point people towards:{account-number}

Please advise if there’s a better way. Because we are still changing over to FabMan, many of our members are returning, they are trained, but just not set up on Fabman yet.

In spite of my warning on our site about not doing this, I think a few of our students and members have been accidentally clicking the link “Try Fabman for free now” setting up a trial, and getting very confused.
…At this time they probably get in touch with Raphael for help. (Sorry!)


that’s a very good point. Yes, the “Try Fabman for free now” link seems inviting for people wo have never seen Fabman before and are directly sent to the login page from somewhere else. I’m not quite sure what to do about that, but I’ll think about it…

We’ve thought about custom landing pages for an account for signup / login, but we’re not there yet.

P.S.: That explains some of the strange sign-ups we’ve seen. But they haven’t been confused enough to contact us – don’t worry :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to remedy it with an improved note on our booking info page - so hopefully there won’t be more lost members. Unfortunately not that many new labs starting here!

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