Member hierarchy?

We are investigating Fabman for our Makerspace in upstate NY. Right now our membership is based on Households; i.e. payment is by household and members are individuals within that household. Can Fabman support a hierarchical member structure?

Hi! Glad you’re looking at Fabman for your makerspace. In a member’s “Billing & Payments” options you can configure that a specific other member takes over the bills.

Is this what you were looking for? If you have any further questions, you are of course welcome to contact us again at any time.

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Does the 3rd party payer need to be a member? We have social service agencies the fund some of our members with developmental needs, but we don’t want that agency included in our membership count.

Are you concerned about Fabman’s pricing or your membership statistics?

No, sorry. Its not about pricing at all. Its about reporting and statistics.

We have similar thing with some members from universities and also from some companies. We have 3 solutions for these cases:

  • we will prepare invoice for the member and member will pass this invoice to somebody who will pay for it and when we have confirmation that payment was done, we set acces for this member manualy.We do this for longer memberships (6+ months) as this is bit more work.
  • member will pass temporarely his/her login access to our eshop to somebody who can pay by company/organisation debit card and they will setup monthly membership by them self.
  • member will pay for memberhip by them self and after that they will pass invoice to whatever they want and deal with it by them self.

Is this what you are asking @RocMakers ?

If it’s just about reporting and statistics:

Yes, you have to add these agencies as a member to Fabman, but you don’t need to give them any packages, permissions, etc. Just fill in their billing details and maybe add a payment method (depending on how you do your invoicing).

But it should be pretty easy to filter out these “only pays for other members” members in your reporting and statistics – depending on how you do your reporting. Please tell me more about your particular situation. I’m sure we’ll find an easy solution to that problem.