Machine condition thumbs up thumbs down

Apologies if this has been covered, or already exists as a feature (we aren’t operational yet)

We’re thinking about ways of reporting machines being left in a poor condition, is there the ability to have a thumbs up/thumbs down “is the machine clean” question presented to a user when they unlock a machine? This way people not cleaning up after themselves could easily be tracked.

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Hi @whodis,

that’s a great idea. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this ability yet. But I’ll keep it in mind for future updates.

I like this idea also.
We are looking at doing a DIY fabman bridge and may incorporate this into it.
Via the APIs, the resource logs have a JSON metadata field. I did a quick test and I can create a new resource log record with some metadata like {“isClean”: “true”, “isWorking”: “true”}. This then shows up in the activity log.
It might be nice to have a different ‘type’ for this type of resource log. Currently it shows as type=allowed.
Obviously this will take some work to implement, but seems doable.

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