How to give a user access to a piece of equipment in Fabman via the API


Hi, my team and I are trying to map out resources with fabman and we are wondering how to give a user/member access to an equipment via API?


Hi, I think you can use this API:!/members/postMembersIdTrainings


Yes, as @mzuzelka described, you might need to add training records to a member, if you have configured your equipment to require training.

But you definitely need to assign them at least one package to give them access to your equipment. (Unless they are an admin or owner.)

You can manage a member’s packages via the /members/{id}/packages endpoints. For example, here’s how to assign package 100 to member 25:

    "package": 100,
    "fromDate": "2018-12-04"


@mzuzelka and @raphael Thank you guys for the response!