How do you do member sign-up?

Hey everyone,

we’re finally tackling member self-sign-up. To better understand the problem, I’d love to interview a few lab managers on how member sign-up currently works in their lab.

If you are a decision maker in your lab/space, I’d love to talk to you! It does not matter whether you’re currently using Fabman or not and whether you sign up members manually, have a custom-built solution, or even track everything on paper.

If you have 30 minutes to spare in the next two weeks for a phone or video conversation, send me a DM, contact me on Twitter, or drop me an eMail.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rachael,

We do sign-up in person usually.
New member will write down their information when they are filling out the waiver.
We input the information manually into Fabman right on the spot, and show them what member portal looks like with an demo account.

It will be great if members can self sign up.
Or if we can open an page for members to fill-in the information at reception table, without letting new member using the admin account page.


Hey @fablabvan,

thanks for the details! I have some further questions:

  1. What kind of information do you collect on paper?
  2. Which fields are mandatory and which are optional?
  3. What do you do with the waiver? Do you scan it? Keep the paper on file?
  4. Do they have to provide a payment method? (Credit card or something else?)
  5. Do they pick a package/plan right away or at a later date?
  6. Do you immediately invite them to create a member portal user?