Feature request - Users can add money to their accounts

It would be nice if it becomes possible to use Fabman as a prepaid system, where users can add a balance to their account with a credit card before they can use the machines.

I know it is possible to add the money to the balance manually by an admin in Fabman, but currently, it is not possible for the user to transfer money to their own account?

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Hi Erik,

welcome to the forum and thank you for your suggestion! It’s something we were already thinking about doing, so thanks for reminding us that this is something people actually want! :ok_hand:

Thanks. We have just started adding members to the system, so we’ll probably discover more features that could be nice to have.

A prepaid functionality should be high on the todo-list. It will make the system easier to manage as we won’t have to send out invoices regularly and follow up on unpaid invoices.

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Agreed. We would probably use it for a coffee machine.