Feature Request - Usage fee per second


Could you make it possible to select second intervals in the usage fee field? We have one piece of equipment that we bill by the second and of course we could divide pricePerTimeBusySeconds by 60… But apart from the fact that rounding errors are a thing we’d also have to establish a metadata field to sort out the machine that bills per second, or hardcode this one exception…

These things are giving me a headache and since we already work with the aptly named pricePerTimeBusySeconds value it would make things a lot easier if the Fabman UI could populate it not only with 3600 and 60 but also with 1.

Thanks for considering this!

Hey @1schnitzel,

sure, that makes sense. We’ve just added that option and it should already be available to you if you reload the admin page in your browser.

And since I’m alway interested in learning how people are using Fabman: What kind of machine do you need this for?

Wow, that was quick! Thank you! It’s a powder coating machine: GRAND GARAGE - Wagner Einhängekabine ID

Oh, nice! Thank you for the link.