Feature request: Two keycards required to turn on equipment

In FabLab Spinderihallerne in Denmark, we would like to change from certification courses (which grant equipment access when passed) to a more flexible “assisted training”. So Ana Cabral suggested a new feature where Fabman could keep track of x number of hours logged in to a certain machine of BOTH the user under training (“trainee”) and another person who has “Trainer status” (ie who has already access to the machine/bridge in question). When x reaches a preset value in Fabman - the user is automatically granted access to that machine/bridge with only their own key (or if not possible at least logged).

Would the bridge firmware allow this feature of “double chip-in”?

We think the feature would be of interest to many Labs because it favors Peer learning.

Hi @mic_hviid,

it’s an interesting idea. At first glance, it seems like it would complicate things quite a bit:

  • As a trainer, you’d need a way to tell the bridge whether you’d like to allow the previously denied user to turn on vs. turning on yourself instead.
  • You’ll need an interface to see how long each member has already trained on which machine.
  • You’d need to configure what kinds of machines are considered equal with respect to training time, e.g., you’ll need 20 hours on any of these machines to gain access to all of them.

But it’s an interesting concept. I’ll think about it some more, maybe we can come up with a solution that can be implemented in reasonable time without making the access system much more complicated than it already is.

Is anyone else interested in this idea?