Feature request: Save some event when laser-filter is full


Hi Raphael,
we would like to be notified, when laser-cutter filter is full. Would it be possible, that bridge saves some event (similar to stopType:'filter') every time it recieves signal from filter? Even before laser-cutter is turned off?

Background: In FabLab Brno we have our filter (Trotec Atmos) connected to Fabman via UTP cable. When the filter is full, Fabman starts beeping. If user doesn’t respond, it turns the machine off (and logs it to Fabman backend).

Our use-case: We instructed our users to lower suction power (so they can finish their job) and notify our staff. But sometimes users forget to tell us (or nobody is on-site). So we want to be notified remotely and automatically.

Proposed solution: Save some event to resource-log when filter is full (when Fabman displays Exhaust malfunction message), regardless if machine was turned off. We don’t need any UI changes, because we can automate it via API and our custom bot.

I believe, that it should be technically possible (bridge already knows about full filter) and it could be useful for your other clients.

Many thanks.


Hi Jakub,

thank you for your suggestion and thank you even more for providing such detailed context information! We’ve also had this idea some time ago, but decided back then that the “filter alert” stop type should be sufficient. But we hadn’t considered that there could be a filter alert that did not persist until the machine was stopped.

Your description offers a clear reason why it would be useful. I’ll keep it in mind for one of the next firmware updates.

Thanks and best regards,


Awesome, thank you! :+1: