Feature Request - Profile Photos

First off, love Fabman! Want to use it for everything in our MakerSpace. Recently we came up with an idea where we’d like to show our members which staff are currently in our space, along with their picture and some of their skills on a TV. For the skills, we can use the member metadata field. But the profile picture field currently doesn’t exist, so I wanted to request it here as a feature.

For now we’ll attempt to store a mapping of our staff member’s id’s to their pictures, but it’d be a lot easier to have this photo accessible via Fabman’s servers. Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the idea. We’ll definitely talk about it in our next product meeting!

I’m currently preparing for a talk about cool integrations labs have already done with Fabman. If you have more examples of what you already did or what you are planning I’d be happy to hear about it. Either here in the forum or by email to karim@fabman.io