Feature Request - Package Metadata


from what I have seen packages do not have a metadata field (neither in the admin UI nor in the API response). Is this something you are planning to implement in the future?

We would like to store information about the package as metadata so a 3rd-party app can further use this information. Currently we have to reside on using the notes field and somehow parsing out the needed information, which is very error-prone, due to the integrated WYSIWYG-Editor (especially when users want to manually edit the data).

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Hey Niklas,

do you need the metadata on packages (/packages) or on member packages (​/members​/{id}​/packages)?

And since I’m always interested in how people use Fabman: What kind of information about the package do you want to store there and what kind of 3rd-party app needs that information?

Hey Raphael,

thanks for the quick reply! I’m talking about packages, not member packages (i am aware of the difference). In our space, members are limited to a certain amount of time in the space depending on the package. We would like to store this information in the package metadata. The third-party app is a self-developed application which has the primary task of calculating the time the user has spent in the space (through the resource-log of a checkIn bridge) and comparing it to the “time budget” saved in the metadata.

We could also save the data in a local database but that would introduce a lot of problems we would have to solve like “what if other apps also need this data?”, “what to do if the package gets deleted?”, …

We would also appreciate a metadata field on the space itself as we are also planning to add a kind of “tag” to each member and have to somewhere store which tags even exist.

Thank you for the clarification!

I agree, package metadata seems useful in many scenarios. So, as of about 5 minutes ago, it’s available on all Fabman accounts. :slight_smile:

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Wow, I’m very impressed! Both the API and UI seem to work flawlessly!

Thank you so much!