Feature request - Option for how long a door open

Feature request :

  1. Add an option to choose how many seconds the door remain open in the “An entrance or door” mode.
  2. Allow the Auxiliary Relay to be use as LED indicator when the door is unlocked, so the user know exactly when to push the door.


Hi @fablabvan,

thank you for the suggestions!

That’s probably a good idea. I’ll add it to our list of future improvements. I just had a closer look and it’s already possible to configure how long the door will stay open – but only via the API. You can change the door’s maxOfflineUsage property to the number of seconds you’d like it to stay open.

We should probably still add an UI option for this. In the meantime, let me know if you need any help adjusting that setting.

That’s already possible: Just set the “Auxiliary relay” to “mirror primary relay” and use it to control any LED or light bulb you like.


Also, what’s the <“keep open” signal> of the Auxiliary relay mean?

Sorry, that option should have been documented on our “bridge hardware settings” help page. I’ve updated the documentation.

Short summary: You can use this together with the toggle "keep open" input option to tell some electric door locks to stay open, eg., during your opening hours – when your lab staff is on site.