Feature Request: Monthly credit carry over to next month

Hi Raphael,

It’s us from FabLab Vancouver again.
We have three requests this time :stuck_out_tongue:

As the title state, we are looking for a way to have the monthly credit from packages carry over to next month.
Member with the package still gets new credits every month, but old credit from previous months stay in their accounts and don’t expires.

Optional comment field when someone book a machine.
And email notification to admin when someone book a certain machine.
These two function will allow us to use the booking system for training course more easily.

A way to automatically block out certain time/days on a machine.
So we can have a set cleaning/ off time for machines.


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Hey Jason,

thanks for the suggestions!

  1. We hadn’t planned to support non-expiring credits in the near future, but I’ll keep it in mind as we plan ahead.
  2. Comments on bookings is something that already came up a few times. It’s on our list of things to improve.
  3. Can you give me more context on that? Du you mean something like “the CNC mill is never available between 8am and 9am because we clean it” or more something like “I think it’s time to clean the lab again. Let’s book all machines for an hour next Tuesday.”? Or something completely different?