Feature Request: Hook when MemberPackage changes

Hello there,

in our Makerspace, we have a seperate system for access control in the building. We want to automate the changes in that access control system according to changes in the packages. For example, if a member cancels the membership, the access should be restricted automatically on the date, when the membership package gets inactive.

We try to build that automation with the existing hooks. Unfortunately, the hook “memberPackage_updated” only gets triggered, when a manual change was done. We would need that event also to happen, when the status of a package is changed, because of the fromDate or untilDate of a package.

We could avoid building a complex workaround with delayed jobs, if there was a hook, which fires when a package changes the “active” status - can you help us here?

Sebastian from the grandgarage Team

Hey Sebastian,

I can see why such a webhook event would be useful. We currently don’t have a simple mechanism for creating these kinds of events. But I’ll add it to our list of future improvements.

Best regards,

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