Feature Request: Holiday Notification


On the Booking page or on the calendar interface, is it possible to customise the text where it says “There’s a holiday during that time period.”? Or grey out/disable the confirm button to make it clearer possibly? Also at a quick glance the calendar looks available - could holidays be greyed out?

Having set in the Package Rules, that a member only has access during opening hours, maybe here we could specify “Can book during holidays?”, or when setting up the specific holiday, where we already specify “Admin only” etc.

For us, we have no out-of-hour members, so a holiday means no access. Unfortunately people seem to be getting confused if we don’t spell it out for them!

Hope that makes sense.


Yeah, we’ve thought about showing holidays in the booking calendar. But it gets tricky to solve this efficiently. As you’ve said, it depends on the holiday and on a member’s package whether they can book a particular time slot during a holiday.

It’s definitely something we want to do, but we haven’t yet figured out a clean way to present the information without being confusing.


Of course - I appreciate that.

Can a different message(just the text) be displayed according to the user package (ie. the package of the person viewing the calendar?)


I haven’t checked for myself, but I assume a not-full-day holiday notification is treated the same way.

I’ve a meeting Wednesday for instance 12:30 to 14:30 - and will close the lab to go. I guess it just says “there’s a holiday during that period”? It’d be useful to show the times in that case.