Feature Request / Grouping Packages for Administration


we would like to propose another “admin UI” feature request:
We have many different packages for different purposes:
a) private memberships
b) company memberships (with sub-categories like edu, startups, …)
c) permission to drinks
d) credits
e) “flag packages” for easy search of groups

so when our admins are opening the “https://fabman.io/manage/{account}/configuration/packages
overview, they are overwhelmed by the long list and it looks chaotic, with the alphabetic sorting and without any grouping.

It would be such a nice feature, to be able to group packages just for viewing and selecting for our administrators. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance and also thanks for the continuous improvements of the system!
Sebastian (Grand Garage)

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Hey Sebastian,

I agree that the package list can become unwieldy when you have lots of different package categories. I’ll see what we can do about that.

Can you tell me more about your “flag packages”? Do I understand it correctly that this is a hack to group members into certain categories? What kind of groups do you create and why? In which situation do you need to search for those “flag packages”?