Fabman fuses ratings


I have a few questions regarding the Fabman fuses:

– On one of our Fabmans (FB-V2, POWER BOARD 2) the F2 fuse (T 150 mA L 250 V) blew off. What is typically a reason for this? This specific device is connected to Roland GS-24 vinyl cutter via the standard C13/C14 connectors. The board doesn’t show any other damage.

– When replacing the fuse, I noticed the original installed fuse is rated for 200 mA. Which value should I use for replacement? The board says 150 mA, but I have a trouble finding one, 160 mA or 200 mA are much easier to find (e.g. ESKA 522.510).

– Also I know, that on different versions of the power board, the fuse F2 was rated 250 mA mT L 250 V (e.g. ESKA 521.011). So for each power board versions, there are different ratings?



Hi Jan,

The fuse was installed to simplify the certification process. It is placed before the 230V->5V power supply that feeds all the Fabman electronics. If a fault causes the power supply or the Fabman electronics to draw more than 200mA, the fuse disconnects the power supply from the mains. This ensures that in case of a fault, the power supply or the Fabman electronics won’t overheat and start a fire.

Although the power supply is only 10W, theoretically, a 50mA fuse should suffice. However, due to past issues with fuses, especially in countries with unstable power grids experiencing many surges, we now use a200mA fuse: 522.510 ESKA - Fuse: fuse | time-lag; 200mA; 250VAC; cylindrical,glass; 5x20mm; ZKT-0.2A | TME - Electronic components

Having said all that, you can also use an even higher value. The exact value is not so important. :slight_smile:


Hi Karim!

Great, thank you for the detailed info. :slight_smile: