Fabman bridges data flow

Hi guys, we are buying LTE router to our site to connect bridges directly to the Internet. I was just wondering what is the data flow of bridges. I believe 1,5 GB FUP per month will be enought for our 10 bridges, just want to make sure.

Hi Tomas,

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Yes, 1,5GB should be enough – by a large margin. I’d be surprised if the traffic exceeded 10MB per bridge.

Are you planning to connect them only via LTE or are you using it as a fallback for your regular internet connection? I’d recommend the latter.

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We were up for the first one. But if you have better experience with the second option, we will use it. Can we set it up automaticaly to “reconect” to the second wi-fi when the first one is out of reach?

Hi Tomas,

In our labs we use a 3G router with automatic failover. All the Fabman bridges are connected via WIFI to the router and the router is connected to the Internet via the normal LAN. If this Internet link fails, the router automatically switches over to the 3G link (and back, when the network problem is fixed).

We use the following hardware:
D-Link DWR-116 Wireless N300 Multi-WAN Router in combination with a HUAWEI E3131-s USB Surfstick (alternatively you can use 4G stick, but this is not necessary just for the Fabman data)

For us it works fine and it is easy to configure.

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