Fabman Bridge v1 enclosure design available?


I have some external things from this project and decided I wanted to put them into the fabman bridge directly rather than build a separate box for them to live in. I am already powering the Arduino directly from the bridge so it makes sense to me to be able to integrate everything inside the existing Fabman enclosure. Of course I would need to increase the height of the back of the enclosure to fit the extra components in, which is why I wanted to see is it possible to get design files for the bridge (preferably something I can open in Fusion 360 or Rhino, or even an STL would be ok) to modify the enclosure? We would like to do this for devices in our MakerSpace which are using a Fabman to control a usb switch, as some of our equipment exceed the max amps limit for Fabman and cost too much for other components/installation to reach the same functionality. If it’s not possible, we’d just need to model the enclosure and iterate until we have a working enclosure for our new components, but we’d rather just update the original design if possible :slight_smile:. I appreciate your time reading this and thank you for Fabman!

Hi Cody,

the project is interesting, it is a good solution if you do not want to wire 230V circuits yourself, and are not allowed to modify the machine. Otherwise it would be less elaborate to put a contactor in the 230V power supply of your machine or “press” the emergancy stop with the bridge relais.

You can download the Bridge V1 enclosure files here:
Unfortunatelly we do not have Fusion 360 or Rhino Files, but you should be able to open step files with these programs.


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