Fabman Alert Sound


many thanks for your hard work.

Could be possible to “personalise” Fabman´s beeps (upload some or make custom one) so we can easely distinguish which machine is rounnig out of time?

Many thanks
FabLab Brno Core Team

Unfortunately, we can only control the duration & interval of the beeps, not their sound frequency. :disappointed: We’re already using different durations & intervals to distinguish between deadman alerts and other safety alerts like exhaust filter errors.

But please tell me why you’d want to distinguish the machines by their beeps. Which machines would you like to tell apart? Why is the blinking LED not sufficient? I’d love to better understand your particular struggle.

I think different duration or interval of beeps will be enough to distinguish machines from each other. If you can make some changes in the future so we can change it in settings of equipment, that would be awesome :slightly_smiling_face:.

OK. Could you elaborate on my previous questions to give me a better understanding of your use-case?

We try to first fully understanding the real problem before thinking about possible solutions.

Under which circumstances is it a problem that all machines use the same warning sound? What are you trying to accomplish in that situation that’s not possible at the moment?

We have 3D printers & Laser next to each other and sometimes people think that 3D printer, which finished some print, start to make sound and they think, that their job on laser is running out of time. They panic and run to swipe their card over Fabman. This is reason why we asked you about this feature :slight_smile: .

Hi @mzuzelka,

You can now mute the alert for 3D printers to avoid this issue. Or even better: you can now set your 3D printers to automatically shut down after a print job – immediately and without any beeping or blinking.

See our feature announcement for details.