Easy way to logout all users at closing time?


Is there an easy way to have all users logged out at the end of the day for those times when our students head out and don’t sign out? It is common to have a user signed in over night and it would be convenient to prevent that from happening over and over.


Vince Stevenson
College of Alameda Fab Lab

Hi @coafablabVince,

unfortunately, we don’t have a built-in option for that right now. :confused:

It’s pretty easy to do via a small batch script and the Fabman API, if you can do a little bit of programming:

  1. At closing time fetch the activity log entries for all the currently checked-in members:
    GET https://fabman.io/api/v1/resource-logs?status=active&type=checkIn
  2. For each result, close the corresponding activity log entry:
    PUT https://fabman.io/api/v1/resource-logs/<id_of_the_log_entry>
        "stoppedAt": "<timestamp_of_your_closing_time>",
        "lockVersion": <lockVersion_of_the_log_entry>