Door reader for Fabman service

Hello all,

as we use more and more Fabman in our FabLab, we think more what we can do with it. One thing which we had in our heads for a while was simple device just for doors. Fabman bridge is very nice piece of HW, but for managing access through the door is bit pricey so we developed our own small reader.

We would like to share it with you so you can here find all HW and FW files. We are using it on 3 doors for at least 2 month and we have no issue with it so if you want to manage your doors via Fabman, you can use this device.

Door reader act as Fabman bridge so you have to setup equipment in Fabman admin area, generate API key for it and setup reader very similar way as original bridge device.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.

Mirek from FabLab Brno


Oh, wow. Nice work! Thank you for sharing this with everyone! I will definitely take a look at it.

Do you have some images of the disassembled unit? (PCB, etc.)
What kind of printer did you use for the multi-colored case? A Prusa Multi-Material or something else?

Sorry for late reply, I had to take some pictures. I added them to Github so you can look there :slight_smile: .

I printed case with normal 3D printer (Prusa i3 MK3S) without MMU unit. I just edited gcode file and I had to switch filament few times, but logo is just in 2 layers so that was not big problem. Window for LED is cut from diffused acrylic but there is bit problem to mount it inside of the case, so I want to try print this window from some clear filament. Case can be also printed with some multimaterial unit, which will be much more easier.

I did not count it exactly, but it can be roughly $15 - 20 in parts (without assembly work). We have some spare PCB´s so if anyone is interesting in this, just write me here or PM me :slight_smile: .

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