Deleting/archiving a device

Hello Fabman Crew!

We’re decommissioning one ouf our 3D printers, and I’d like to remove it from Fabman’s “overview”-page while also retaining its activity log.

Is that possible? If I remember correctly (I did it once by API, by mistake) deleting a machine also removes its log.


Hey Walter!

there’s currently no “archive” option for equipment, but it is a very good idea. I’ll add this to The List.

Thank you. Raphael! This would be really useful for your long time customers. :slight_smile:

Hey Walter,

we’ve just released an update that lets you archive equipment. But you don’t need to do that if you just want to keep the log & bookings around because now both the activity log and the booking list show all entries for deleted equipment – so you don’t lose historic information even when you remove old machines.

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