Call fabman api from sharepoint



I have to get the equipment details from sharepoint using jquery

1.Then how to pass authorization key or credentials or API-key in the header? the header exactly should look like?
3.How to find the id from an account? to find API-key ?

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Hi again,

  1. Authentication can be performed either

    Both methods are described in detail in the Authentication section of the API documentation. Let me know if you have specific questions about one of the methods.

  2. The header for API key authentication has the format Authorization: Bearer <api-key> as you can see in the API documentation.

  3. The account ID is the last part of the URL of the Fabman admin website (after logging in). For example, if the URL is “”, then your account ID is 1234.
    Alternatively, you could call GET (using one of the authentication methods described above) to get a list of all accounts you have access to.

  4. You can’t “find” the API key, you have to create one for a particular member – for example, for an admin member if you want to perform admin tasks via the API.
    You can create an API key via the interactive documentation page (after signing in to your Fabman account) or by sending a POST request to with a body such as

        "label": "<Description of your usage scenario>",
        "member": <id of the member>

    Again, see the API documentation for details.

If you want to use an API key for the Live API documentation page, you can click on “Authorize” at the top right and then paste your API key into the “value” field.

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Thanq so much…