Calendar integrations

Hi Raphael, all,
Is there a way ( or has anyone been able ) to integrate the booking calendar with iCal, .ics, etc (other calendar/event formats)? We have built a dashboard which is very useful for seeing the bookings for that day, and it would be great to have calendar features in the same place as our event/general mgmt calendars.


Hi Ger,

could you share some more information about what exactly you’d like to accomplish?

  • What kind of booking calendar do you imagine?
  • Upcoming bookings for a particular machine (one machine per calendar) or all machines in one calendar?
  • Is the information intended for your staff? For your members? For the public? What are you trying to help them accomplish with that information?

The better you describe the situation you’re in and the problem you’re trying to solve, the better we can try to help.

Thanks for your quick response,

I’m imagining one machine per calendar, and it would be for staff use. It would be very useful to compare with the calendar that we plan our events on, and manage the use of the space with - For us this is Google Calendar and Outlook. That would be the most useful in our case anyway!

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