Bridge watchdog


I was wondering if there are any plans regarding a watchdog for FabMan bridges.

My usecase is this: We recently implemented the 3 phase load system on our big 32A CNC. The issue is that when the machine is running, sometimes FabMan signs off the user for no reason (timeout is turned off). That unfortunately means that the CNC turns off as well and that is pretty dangerous when in cut etc.

I guess the main culprit in this situation is that the machine is causing some funny things with current, and that also affects the bridge.

By having access to something like a watchdog, we could see what caused it to sign off.

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Hey Jan,

sorry to hear that! The bridge definitely shouldn’t shut off. Can you send me more details about which account and equipment you’re talking about? (You can send me the details via DM or to

Apart from that: Could you explain in more detail what you’re thinking of when you say “watchdog”?

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Hi Raphael,

I´ll try to recreate it first, and then send you more info (incl. video of the bridge when it signs off). Just to clarify, the bridge does not turn off. It just signs off the user, which causes the machine to turn off too.

As for the watchdog, what I´am thinking is a simple UI under “Edit bridge” in FabMan. In the UI, I would like to see all the events happening to the bridge (user signed in, signed off and why), and prefferably a graph of current consumption. Some of the things are already present in Activity log, but you don´t see why the user was signed off (button pressed, timed out etc.).

Does that make sense?
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I just wanted to close this thread. We went a different route and chose a monitoring coil for the 3 phase system, which in turn prevents the FabMan to sign off (busy/idle).

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