Bridge Pairing code

Hi, we have a bridge that we paired to a printer, but then we ended pairing another bridge to the unit. We want to assign the first bridge to a new machine. How do we get a new pairing code from the bridge? There is now equipment in our admin that currently reference to this bridge so we can not use the “Reasign a bridge” guide. Is there a “full” reset button on the bridge?

Hi @RonaldXJT,

how did you pair another bridge to that printer? To do that, you must have first removed the previous bridge. When you remove the bridge, it should (within at most one minute) display a new pairing code.

But you can send me a PM or mail to with more details (your account ID, the equipment in question, and the bridge serial number) and we’ll take a closer look.

Hi Raphael,
The bridge was paired to my test account (id 633) that I used until we got our proper Fablab account. I can not access the equipment page on that account because my trial has ended. I’ll be going to the lab later today to get you the bridge serial number, but where should I look for it?

Hi @RonaldXJT,

ah, now I understand the problem. I’ve removed the bridge from your test account. It should show a new pairing code as soon as you plug it back in.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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