Bridge as Checkin and Door Lock

Is is possible to use bridge as a Checkin bridge and Door Lock bridge at the same time.
The scenario is that a member is outside the makerspace, they scan their rfid card on the bridge, they are allowed access to the door (the relay opens the electric door lock) and the user is also Checked-In.

Currently it appears that a bridge can only be one or the other. Therefore, when a member wants to enter the space, they would need to scan their rfid card to open the door, then once inside scan their card on another bridge to check-in.

Yeah, exactly. Combining it doesn’t work well for at least three reasons:

  1. When people come in groups, they tend to forget to check-in because one opens the door for the rest.
  2. Check-out becomes weird. You open the door to leave, go through, and then swipe to check-out – which opens the door behind you. (Letting the next one in without swiping.)
  3. When someone leave the lab to take a call or have a cigarette or whatever, they check themselves out when they want to go back in – or they have to swipe twice. Once to check out, once to check in again.

Those are good points. Thanks for the quick reply.