Booking system should show cost of booking

I suggest adding the cost of booking a machine to the booking page. So that our members can see what it will cost to book before they accept.

Hey Erik!

that’s an interesting idea.

Just displaying the cost for the booking is relatively straight-forward, but taking their credits into account makes it much more difficult. And if we don’t take credits into account, we will show a price that people won’t have to pay.

To get the real price, we would have to simulate their whole account state forward up until the booking to know what kinds of credits might apply. They could have multiple packages that give them daily/weekly/monthly credits that expire at different times and some of which could be consumed by other bookings that will happen before the new booking, and therefore won’t be available.

It’s definitely doable, but not trivial to get right.

But showing the price with a “credits might apply” disclaimer might be good enough. It depends on why you want people to see the price up-front. Do you have problems with people being surprised by the price or refusing to pay?

Have you tried just putting your general prices and terms into the “booking terms of service” field? That information is displayed to the user on the confirm screen and can include details like your cancellation and refund policy.

We had a member who complained about the fee because he was not aware that we charge for bookings. I will add information to the “booking terms of service”-field and improve our communication to the members.

But I still think it would be nice if members could see the cost of the booking. I suggest writing something like: "This booking will cost xxx money. If you have credit within Fabman the amount will be deducted from your credit. "

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