Assign Key Without Using Machine

Hey! I’m back again,

We have a check-in system in our makerspace that uses the user’s student ID, to check them in and records their log in our own database. I want to make it so that when they scan their card, it makes them a member of our space, which I can do, then assign their RFID to their account. Then, when they’ve completed a training, they’re RFID will be approved for whichever machine.

I figure this is rather niche, but was wondering if this is possible to do?

The only thing I can think is to have a master fabman device that they tap as soon as their account is created, but I would like to avoid that option if I can.

Thank you!

Hey @Corrente,

if you know their RFID card type and card ID, you can use POST /members/{id}/key to set a member’s key without using a bridge.

I hope that helps.

Perfect that worked!! Thank you!

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