API/webhook developer for Hubspot?

Does anybody know of a friendly developer (we are willing to pay) that understands how API/webhooks work? Extra bonus points if they also know basics of app development and are UK based.
We want to connect our Hubspot CRM to Fabman. I might be able to eventually work it out but lack the time.

For example, this is something that we hope they could extend on:

In our case we want our CRM to be the one that checks if someone is cleared to use a machine.

Hi @AndresEOED,

I’d be interested to learn why you want to use Hubspot instead of Fabman’s built-in permission system. Could you describe your situation a bit more?

We offer contract development for custom API/Webhook integrations. Drop me a message or send an email to support@fabman.io for details.

This is great! I will send you over the details in a pdf to the email.

Mainly it is because we have the people who have been trained, as well as the RFID tokens in hubspot but I am happy to use fabman if that can be transferred accross safely.

Will send the email across now.

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